Friday, February 27, 2009


Yaa Bashiir,
Tuhan Yang Maha Menatap
Tak sejengkal tanah yang kan terlewat
Tak sepercik kalbu yang tak tercatat
Yaa Sami’u
Rabb yang Maha Mendengar
Tak satu desah nafaspun yang kan terabaikan
Tak ada bisik hati yang terlalu pelan
Berpasrah jiwa ragaku
Tanpa batas keraguan
Cintamu yang membebaskan
Menisbikan belenggu cinta fana
Ya Waduudu penyejuk segala kalbu
Ingin kurengkuh perhatianMu
Kuyakini janjiMu
Yang takkan menolak cinta hambaMu


rosenerry said...

Honest.. your poem make me shudder Mam.. sometimes i deny that Allah is the most powerful in this universe. i often neglect any obligations as Allah preception in our religion, such as sholat. Sometimes its difficult for me to do Sholat 5 times a day as Islam said. Many things that make lazy to do that.. mostly of that is limitatation of time. how poor i am.. but i am realize, who else will help us if we have no one in this world except Allah SWT?? even we may not remind Allah just when we need help:)We must convince that Allah is the greatest, the forgiving.. no one can change His destiny..Hopefully, Allah always give us hidayah and grace in passing this temporary life.. amin.. (Ika Indah Septikasari 062154225)

astri said...

i think that everything we do is depend on our own, not others power. but now i know that i am not anything without Allah. i learn here that Allah has everything and i belong to Allah.everything i do never has any purpose without Allah. Allah had made me realize that everything in the world is belong to HIM, included me,my beloved family and my With Allah i can stand here with my new power and my new hope.i'll always keep YOU in my hearth and my life. thatnh for everything that you had given to me.
(astri Purwantari 062154029)