Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Kehidupan adalah
Ujian dariNya.
Sempatkah engkau renungkan,
Di saat kesukaan menyelimutimu.

Sedangkan manusia mengingatNya,
Ketika duka tak kunjung sirna.
Coba mendekatkan batin,
Pada Yang Memberi Hidup

Sedangkan insan mudah terlena
Saat ria menari-nari di depan mata
Mengapa jadi tak mudah
Melancipkan zuhud kepadaNya.

Rupa indahmu
Encer otakmu
Tebal kantongmu
Siapa sangka sedang dijewer kupingmu.


ahmad said...

hidup dan masalah tak kan terpisah
berani hidup berani masalah
takut masalah maka matilah.

maaf bu, puisi singkatnya agak kasar mungkin bahasanya...

zunfi lede said...

It's ironic, but human when people always refuse failure & condemn God when it finally comes to them as an examination from God. Sometimes, people just want to be a lucky forever end with no care that life is placed as a wheel rotated. as if they don't know either happiness or sadness are made as an examination from God for them. Maybe, what everyone should know from the proverb that life is not problem to be solved, but it's reality to be enjoyed.
every cases you told us is interesting as one of them is what was happened to you in "halal & haram" case which also happened in Ibrahim's, they were also called an examination from God for who He loves. problem may come, but solution will never end.
supposed, a man like Ibrahim would face many troubles as long as he got no dispensation during classes as what u got in your own case, mam. But that's a challenging that should be done smartly by realizing life is full of examinations from God. just try to do our best to solve our problems, & God knows how we struggle, then just believe that God will comes with us. being tweaked by God is something to bring us to be a better person in every single day. (zunfi lede/ 062154230)

hangz yeah said...

life is still mystery for me..
I've been searching for its mean to me, but I haven't found the meaning yet..
some people say life is a gift, and the other say life is a curse..
Yes..life and problem is just like object and its shadow, the problem is when shadow become one unity with the object. Problem is something that he livin in..
This kinda condition makes me thing and ask to myself.."Where is GOD?"
GOD makes a good person, a believer, a prayer in a awful condition.. While HE makes a non believer in a good livin.. The good person, the believer keep grace for what he have. He still hold his faith which the non believer never done. The good people keep thinking what will he and his family eat for tomorrow, while the bad people never done.
I can't grasp what GOD tryin to say to us, to me especially, through condition that he made..
Each time I try to have a conversation with him, HE just remain in silence and smile..
That truth make me questioning life.. While I'm questioning about this life, somehow devil come and get along with me and say something shockin.. is GOD really exist? Is money the only GOD in this world?
I still believe in GOD, but this fact twist me around.

well..the final is,remember GOD while we down is not the only aspect.. It's all about the faith..

Me myself believe that life is not fair and fact in this life can tear your faith off.

sorry maam.. I'm not leavin you a good comment, but something livin and crawlin in my head that need to pour off..

my name is hanggoro and peace out..

hangz yeah said...

hesthi triyono

Life is just a tool for the most of us which hail hedonism..
And it's nature of human being. For those who hail hedonism, GOD has nothing to do with this life. It's all about money, money talk.
Money doesn't come by itself. We have to work to get it.
Let's take an example, a huge concrete building named "MALL". You can find any interesting thing within the building, but you will find a small tiny space for praying. I believe that the fact that you've mentioned already noticed by the owner that when you in a frenzy you 'll forgot god.
again it's nature of human. "Life with no fear, die with no regret"

hangz yeah said...

Badruddin al azhari
well...i agree with the statement that "life is an examination".life is really full of examination. even we are given by God a blessing, the fact, God give us examination. how we face that. will we forget God or will we more remember Him? in fact human is only human. most of them forget God when they get so much blessing. they will remember, plead for His pity and even cry when they get a temptation. even though most of humans forget Him, but why God still give them His blessing. it's because God is God. He still gives his blessing to all humans in this world because God has great love and affection for his creation to all humans even to bad human who forget Him. this can be seen in one part of Al fatihah. Third ayat. ar Rahmaanir Rahim. from this ayat, state that God will give his affection to all humans in this world here He gives to all humans who disobey Him and all people who obey Him.but the world Ar Rahim its only for Humans who obey Him in here after.

imakuni? said...

The Hunter and Crow

The female black crow;
There eleven yard, in fences front.
Trying to open the edged window,
Stammering, woven beaked she frowned
Away across my place.
Painted so white the window is,
Opened bit about a couple
O’inches below for any blow and breeze.
Smart crow knows she is able,
Still, cannot she swish inside.

Look crow and smell;
For the very odor of stale and
Frowsty room you peek has no bell.
But The Hunter’s wicked than
Guile thought you possess.
His rifle, gone off the wall,
Also his hat, also his hunting coat.
Now the prize yonder is your call,
Burst the window like the final bout;
A peacock feather within the urn.

halo ma'am..
ini indra..
koment puisi sama puisi juga
kan ga papa ya ma'am...hehehe