Tuesday, March 13, 2012


A mountain of longings in the last few hours
Like a parade of ants with no tails to be seen
The cold snow is burning this lonely soul
The tongue of fire is chilling this tiny chest

As I am struggling to resist the longing
I close my eyes to leave your shadow
Yet the spots on the paper are nothing but a smiling face
that transforms into a haunting ghost

Nothing is more hurting
But a helpless feeling as I try to slip into your tunnel
Nothing is evermore addicting
But a never-ending canal of hoping

Dear Rabb, Thou turn over this surrendering heart
My gratefulness for this love Thou give
Ya Rahman Ya Rahiim
Why is it that this longing never ceases paralyzing me

October 13, 2003
Les Chateaux in a cloudy morning

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